Court Worker Program

Aboriginal Court WorkerThe Aboriginal Court program supports and advocates for both youth and adult Aboriginal peoples involved in the justice system. This service is available to all self-identifying Aboriginal people.

The Aboriginal Court Worker provides advocacy and supportive services to Aboriginal people involved in the justice system, and assistance in understanding their rights, options and responsibilities when appearing before the courts.

Aboriginal Court Worker Services

  • Support Aboriginal people who are involved in the justice system
  • Help Aboriginal people to understand their rights, responsibilities, and options
  • Advocate for diversion
  • Cultural sensitivity: access to Elders and cultural programming
  • Guidance on court documentation
  • Referral services
  • Supports in both criminal and family courts
  • Assist in enhancing the awareness of the troubles Aboriginal peoples face within the justice system
  • Ensure Aboriginal people have access to the proper legal and justice-related services

The Aboriginal Court Worker Program is dedicated to helping the Aboriginal community of Peterborough and the surrounding area who are involved in the justice system, both criminal and family.

The program will bring Aboriginal controlled and cultural-based justice alternatives. The Aboriginal community requires safe and unbiased treatment within the justice system, having access to the proper legal and cultural resources.

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