Healthy Kids Program

healthy childrenThe Healthy Kids program provides healthy lifestyle opportunities to children, youth and their families. We provide opportunities to learn about healthy nutrition, have improved access to healthy foods and to participate in recreational and physical fitness activities. Activities can include hands-on and interactive workshops for Aboriginal children and their families to introduce healthy food options and healthy meal preparation tools and instruction, and relay nutritious information. The program provides structured, fun, interactive activities and games for Aboriginal children, youth and their families to increase physical activity rates and to set off an active living lifestyle. We promote and share local culture, traditions and ceremonies that will instill a strong sense of identify and self-esteem at an early age.

The program implements culture based activities to enhance the well-being and traditional knowledge of urban Aboriginal children and their families.

Nogojiwanong Friendship Centre

580 Cameron Street
Peterborough, Ontario
(705) 775-0387

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