Indigenous Research Project, “From Nogojiwanong to Peterborough: A Living Indigenous History”

In the spirit of reconciliation, Nogojiwanong Friendship Centre and the Department of Indigenous Studies at Trent University are undertaking a research project, “From Nogojiwanong to Peterborough:  A Living Indigenous History,” that will examine the history of Indigenous peoples in Peterborough.  It is part of a larger urban history project, sponsored by Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network (UAKN).  The research will focus on five broad themes:

  1. Movements: The historical movements of Indigenous people into Peterborough as well as the relationship between Peterborough and the surrounding First Nation communities.
  2. Institutions: The historical evolution and current situation regarding the Indigenous organizations in Peterborough.
  3. Moments:  A narrative of the key historical and contemporary moments pertaining to Indigenous people in Peterborough including important successes and challenges.
  4. Leaders:  An examination of the important Indigenous leaders and Elders in the Peterborough community and the contributions that they have made to the wellbeing of Indigenous people.
  5. Relationship with the city of Peterborough:  The story of the relationship between Indigenous people and the city of Peterborough including both positive and negative (e.g. racism) aspects and the role of Peterborough institutions.

This project will include archival research and key informant interviews with Indigenous community members and non-Indigenous allies.   The goal of this research will be to create a webpage (within Nogo website) about the Indigenous history of Peterborough, along with a series of short videos of community members and a final report.

Estimated date of completion: March 2018

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